Our exceptionally attractive and immensely environmentallyfriendly houses offer a unique blend of living on both a yacht and the mainland. The main principle behind AQUA AURA houses is freedom of choice, since they consist of easy-to-install, modular sections. These houses can be installed on land, on water, or on floating floors over concrete constructions. In addition to living in them, these constructions can also serve as cafés, lodgings for camping, summer homes, or even as an office – whatever you may need or desire!


Create your own floating (or land-based) paradise!


We offer four types of houses on the water and four on land, all with a sauna option. Prices vary from 700 to 1000 EUR/m², depending on the type of house and materials used. Floating concrete construction prices vary from 200-350 EUR/m².


The AQUA AURA floating house is stable and secure, mounted on reinforced concrete floats which have expanded polystyrene core. The house sits on a structure of concrete pontoons and steel-wooden frame. It has screwed steel frame construction, and load-bearing walls of the house are filled with glued solid wood panels made of lightweight softwood harvested from sustainable forests in Latvia. The walls are specially treated with a protective so they do not fade in sunlight and humidity, and insects, fungi and moss do not threaten them. The frame is capable of supporting multi-storey and wide span structures.