The AQUA AURA was founded on solid simple principles:


* Stylish and articulate design

* Practical in every respect

* Exceptional quality

* Environmentally friendly


The AQUA AURA floating house is synonymous with products of outstanding quality and style, since design and construction have always been at the heart of our philosophy. Every detail of this floating house concept has been carefully thought through; from our stable concrete pontoons to our interior design.


In the beginning, our goal was to create different high-quality floating buildings based on floating platforms to suit every needs who wants to relax or entertain near the water, and that will last for years and years without any problem and also under extreme circumstances, seeing as wind, salt water and waves are the rule rather than the exceptions at houses on the water.



So we have constantly updated our products and our customers have put their trust in our floating houses and so we came to an idea to develop an unusual concept of living house on the water. Exceptionally attractive and immensely enviromentally friendly built house offers a unique blend of home on the mainland and pleasurable living on the yachts.


With the AQUA AURA we want to create for people their own floating paradise so we come up with ideas that seem futuristic at first but that have the potential of becoming reality and that allows you to enjoy nature and to admire amazing views of the water.


We invite you to take a look to our AQUA AURA house and be inspired by the beautiful lifestyle on the water.